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Salsa Time at Jake's

Each year around this time we get garden fever.  It is that time when you look around and see the beginnings of Spring colors.  You have been diligently planning your garden layout and counting the holes in your pantry where you are reaching the end of your canned stash from last summer.   You get the itch for something fresh....... On Saturday we jumped ahead and made a fresh batch of garden salsa.   Roma tomatoes, sweet bells, jalapeños, poblanos, onions, garlic, cilantro and other seasonings gathered for the "Hen Party" cook....The "Hens" chopped, cooked and canned for a few hours on Saturday and each took home almost a dozen jars of fresh ready to eat salsa.....yum! We used this recipe from...

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We are Open!

We are finally getting an on-line store thanks to Eric Brown and his recommendation for Shopify.  He was right, it was fairly simple to set up....I still have a few questions on the list for Customer Support...which will be another deciding factor on staying with Shopify...... We will be adding our current and new products in the coming weeks.  Our canned goods are seasonally made with some being made in limited quantities.    

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